Today, developing technologies and infrastructure of companies creates conflicts that require professional action.
Investigator Detectives has specific services aimed at dealing with the complexities of the world of employment, industry and finance. Services destined to both the speedy solution of problems and their prevention


Personal problems are the hardest to solve as they affect individuals directly thus presenting obstacles in most cases to their being followed correctly and coldly.
Investigator Detectives takes on these conflicts in the most humane way, with the tact required when there are feelings involved, with total seriousness and the utmost discretion.                      


Private investigation conducted by detectives is a professional activity aimed at obtaining information and proof with the sole intention of finding out the truth.
The profession of private detective in Spain is regulated by the Private Security Law 23/1992, of 30th July.


El desarrollo de las tecnologías y la infraestructura de la empresa actual generan conflictos que requieren de una actuación profesional.

Investigator Detectives dispone de servicios específicos orientados a la complejidad del mundo laboral, industrial y financiero. Servicios tanto destinados a la rápida resolución de los problemas como a su prevención.


Investigator Detectives