Investigator with the company

Today, developing technologies and infrastructure of companies creates conflicts that require professional action.


Investigator Detectives has specific services aimed at dealing with the complexities of the world of employment, industry and finance. Services destined to both the speedy solution of problems and their prevention.

In this field, the company offers an integrated service in the following areas:

  • Pre-employment information: obtaining and confirming of employment and academic history, level of employment conflict, average performance and time off, etc.
  • Absenteeism from work: faking time off for own ends.
  • Low productivity: use of work time for personal ends.
  • Checking of commercial department (non-fulfillment of times, duplicity of representations, different occupations, fraud in mileage and meals, etc.).
  • Checking of buying department: personal interests with supplying companies, undue commission claims, etc.
  • Checking of internal order: warehousing, transport, distribution, etc.
  • Disloyalty of management: personal interests in competitor companies, leaks of information and working methods or clients
  • Litigation Support
  • Verification of the time schedule for union activities: use of working time destined for these activities for own ends, etc.
  • Pilfering, stealing or disappearances: cash, merchandise, materials, etc.
  • Recovery of works of art and heritage


We also offer:

  • Consultancy dedicated to company fraud
  • Investigation and intelligence services
  • Financial forensic services
  • Security and crisis management
  • Unknown loss
  • Disloyal competition
  • Fraud in the buying department
  • Brand falsification
  • Investigation of money laundering


Investigation of commercial relations

Finding out about the companies with whom you are about to start commercial relations, or with whom you will be conducting a financial operation, avoids troublesome situations.


Investigator Detectives undertakes:

  • Financial reports through those who know the situation of a potential client or partner, as well as clearing up of doubts regarding the companies around them.
  • Localization of debtors and goods for the purpose of obtaining a litigation process, concealment of property, etc.
  • Fraudulent bankruptcies
  • Faked solvencies: checking and verification
  • Localization of persons in the international sphere
  • IT security


Conflicts due to third parties

  • Disloyal competition by third party companies
  • Professional intrusion
  • Infringements of patents and trademarks standards: advertising and falsifications
  • Sabotage, blackmail, threats, anonymous letters and phone-calls etc. and coercion
  • Surveillance at trade fairs, hotels, congresses, etc.


Information is power

But it has to be a power rigorous with itself, verified, responsibly managed and stated with equanimity and diligence.

The consequences derived from leaked information can become serious when the company in question operates within a highly competitive market.

Advance knowledge of a company’s plans on the part of a competitor could mean the difference between success and failure

Against IT incidents = digital investigation

If you think you have identified an incident such as intrusion in the system or detecting symptoms of data loss or information leakage, contact us.


Investigator Detectives exercises its professional labor in cases of:

  • Information leakage
  • Industrial espionage
  • Forensic analysis
  • Preservation and assurance of electronic testing
  • Litigation Support