We are a good team

The staff of Investigator Detectives brings together a group of experienced and qualified professionals with true vocation.

To provide a response to a changing society like ours, each of the members who make up the team combine our work with an ongoing training process. This training enables us to not only be effective, but also be able to take action in any part of the world thanks to our credentials.


When, occasionally, a case requires the knowledge of other specialists, we submit it to the criteria of our collaborators and advisors, like lawyers, technical specialists in data protection or experts in organizational defense.

It is on the basis of our training and the effort we make to offer an integrated service that we are able to assure you we can totally resolve your case, without leaving any loose ends, so that you do not need any other professionals. And for you, this means having the security of not wasting time or money in the process.
Somos un buen equipo